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latest update: 12.08.2015

Welcome to Horst Schulz, Vakuum- und Steuerungstechnik e.K.

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The Company For Thin Film Technologies

with more than 30 years experience in vacuum technology

Maintenance and service for vacuum coaters, especially Leybold-Heraeus, Leybold AG and Unaxis GmbH- Z-series, like:

Z 400, Z 401, Z 550, A 550 VZK, Z 590, Z 590 SMS, Z 600, Z 650, Z 700, Z 900,

L 400, L 560 ( Sputterversion ), VANGUARD, EMERALD, CORONA.

Maintenance and service for evaporation machinery - like: L 560, A 700 Q, A 1100 Q.

Maintenance and service for etchers - like: LE 301, LE 303.

Retrofit and system upgrade service for pre-owned or used vacuum systems.

New rebuild sputtering systems according your specification.

Spare parts.

Sputtertargets and bonding service.

Materials for evaporation.

Refurbishing of precious metal waste.

Buy and sell of surplus vacuum equipment.

Thin film depositions on cusomer demand ( Sputter technology )

Pre-owned sputtering systems, etching systems for sale:

Z 590

Z 550

Z 550 ( prepared for load-lock )

System retrofit - completed projects

Z 590 upgraded

Z 590 upgraded

Z 590 upgraded

A 550 VZK refurbished

Z 400 upgraded

Z 550 upgraded

Z 550 upgraded

Sputtering targets and bonding

Targets and Bonding

Spare parts for sale

Spare parts